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Posted on: October 18, 2018

Republic Waste: Glass No Longer Accepted in Recycling Bins

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Effective immediately, the City of Manistee and surrounding communities will no longer be able to place glass in curbside recycling bins for collection. Why? I can’t believe it! This is outrageous, glass is recyclable, right?

Sometimes it’s not as easy as Yes or No. While glass will remain a useful packaging material, there is going to be increased scrutiny on the recycling side of the glass lifecycle. From a business standpoint, recyclers face many challenges with glass. First, glass breaks and it is difficult to sort at most recycling centers. Second, glass is hard on equipment, resulting in higher maintenance costs at recycling centers where glass is processed. Third, glass mixes with paper and cardboard and lowers the value of the fiber that is being sold or increases the risk of deductions at the mill for quality issues. Fourth, glass is heavy and expensive to transport. Fifth, the markets for glass are limited. In our region there are no viable, long-term outlets for glass.

In response to many questions raised by our Facebook post yesterday about glass recycling…

Republic Services has notified the City of Manistee and other surrounding communities that their processing facility has informed them because of the change in the recycling markets that hard decisions have had to be made to keep the facility operating. With the value of recycling plummeting they have selected GLASS as the first item to eliminate within the City’s recycling programs i.e. both curbside and at the drop off.  

Matt Biolette of Republic Services made this comment; “The choice and instruction by the processor to stop accepting glass is difficult to realize for many people. I believe the important message we need to hear today is that recycling products that do not have a durable market locations (aka places to go) is hurting recycling as a whole.”   Republic Services and the City of Manistee understands that the processors decision is going to be unpopular however it is an essential step in continuing the overall recycling program for the residents of the City of Manistee.

1)      Can it be taken to recycling center by the water tower?

No. This change of not accepting Glass will affect ALL City recycling services including, the City’s drop off recycle site located at 350 N. Glocheski Drive, the curbside program, and the Republic Services drop off site on Camp Rd.

2)      If you aren’t going to provide glass recycling then you should provide a list of alternative glass recycling drop off location. Whether it be at grocery stores or elsewhere. This list of excuses is unacceptable and you should be ashamed.

While we understand that this change can be felt by some as very frustrating, Republic Services and the City do not have another solution or recommendation at this time.  Retail stores like the grocery store only accept brands that have the MI deposit code as returnable and do not have an outlet or funding to accept other glass products.  At this point in time we are not aware of any places / sources close to the City that will recycle your glass including the recycling bins located at the Republic Services Camp Rd. facility.

There is a national restructuring of recycling happening due to new restrictions which have changed the landscape of what is acceptable and where. Republic Waste and the City encourage any resident that desires to learn more to simply Google (recycling crisis in the U.S.” and they will get a long list of articles related to this national situation.

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