I’m not sure if I have a lead service line. What should I do?

lead service lineLead service line If you do not know what your service line material is and are interested in having your home inspected, please contact City of Manistee DPW at 231-723-7132


1) You can hire a licensed plumber to inspect the plumbing in your home, or

2) You can look at the plumbing where it enters your home yourself.  Look for things like pipe color (copper-colored or grey) and whether a magnet sticks to your plumbing.  Copper plumbing will be reddish in color.  Grey pipe that a magnet sticks to is likely galvanized.  Grey pipe that a magnet will not stick to is likely lead. 

3) If you can see the test area, gently scratch the surface of the pipe with a coin. If the pipe is soft and easily scraped, silver, and again if a magnet doesn’t stick, it is lead. It may have a bulb in the pipe near the shutoff valve that looks like a snake that swallowed an egg. If you suspect there is a lead gooseneck connection in your home please contact the water department at 231-723-7132 to investigate.

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7. I’m not sure if I have a lead service line. What should I do?