What is the role of the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority in the City of Manistee?
The role of the BRA is threefold:
1. Secure funding for, and undertake environmental assessments and other environmental activities to quantify the environmental challenges and costs associated with the redevelopment and/or business expansion potential of Brownfield properties. Developers and investors tend to avoid properties with unknown environmental concerns.
2. Assist existing property owners and prospective purchasers and developers with obtaining Federal, State and Local financial support for the redevelopment of their properties. There are numerous such programs (grants, tax credits, loans, tax abatements, etc.) available to people who are willing to invest in Brownfield properties.
3. Provide technical support to the City in dealing with known or suspected environmental issues on City properties. Some of this work is done by BRA staff, while the majority is contracted to environmental engineering and construction firms according to the procurement requirements of the funding source used for such work.

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1. What is the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority?
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3. What is the role of the Brownfield Redevelopment Authority in the City of Manistee?
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