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Sands Park


  1. Ball Field
  2. Basket Ball Courts
  3. Benches
  4. Bike Racks
  5. Concessions
  6. Drinking Water
  7. Parking
  8. Picnic Area
  9. Playground Equipment
  10. Skate Park
  11. Sledding Hill
  12. Tennis Courts
  13. Universal Accessibility
  14. Vending
The City and Manistee Area Public Schools jointly own and maintain the Sands Park which is located on the south side of Manistee adjacent to Manistee Middle School at the corner of Maple and Eighth Streets. There is tennis courts, a child’s playground and a baseball/football field also used for ice skating in the winter. A Kellogg Foundation and a Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant in 1992 permitted construction of a Teen Center/warming shelter. Kennedy Elementary School is adjacent to the park and has another football field, gymnasium, a weight room, showers, etc. which are accessible to community for recreation. The ball field and winter skating area lighting was added in 2001 as a cooperative effort between the School and City. A skate park was added in 2004 through a community-build project funded in part by the Rotary and the Local Revenue Sharing Board.