Boards & Commissions


The city has established a number of boards and commissions. Each of these serves a different role with most being advisory in nature. Some are state-mandated and others are purely a local creation; however they all make significant contributions to the community and its betterment.

The city is always looking for talented, committed people to serve on its boards and commissions. If you are interested, please contact the city clerk’s office and fill out an application. Vacancies on our boards come up quite frequently and we are always looking to fill open positions. As a volunteer, we will strive to make sure your experience is as productive and rewarding as possible.

City Council

The City Council is the legislative authority and governing body for the city. It is responsible for hiring and overseeing the city manager, setting policy and adopting ordinances and resolutions

Board of Review

The March Board of Review annually reviews the assessment roll received from the assessor, to determine completion, accuracy, uniformity and validity. This body has the authority to make adjustments to ensure that assessments are lawfully set.

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority was formed to facilitate the sensible redevelopment of numerous underutilized or vacant commercial and industrial properties throughout the city.

Compensation Commission

The Compensation Committee makes recommendations regarding the salaries of the Mayor and City Council members.

Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The Downtown Development Authority is charged with overseeing the orderly development of the downtown. It is funded by taxpayer dollars through a tax increment financing arrangement. 

Harbor Commission

The Harbor Commission is charged with overseeing in an advisory capacity the marina, boat launch and related waterfront facilities.

Historic District Commission

The Historic District Commission is charged with overseeing the city’s historic district. The establishment of the Historic District allows property owners with contributing properties the opportunity to apply for tax credits.

Housing Commission

The Housing Commission is charged with overseeing senior and low-income housing. It has oversight of the properties owned by the Manistee Housing Commission.

Non-Motorized Transportation Committee

At the request of the Non-Motorized Transportation Committee  City Council repealed the committee in support of the Manistee County Wide Multi-Use Trail Committee. Information about the County Wide Multi-Use Trail Committee is located on the Manistee County Planning Department webpage under Recreation Plan.   

Oil & Gas Investment Board

The Oil and Gas Investment Board is charged with overseeing the investments of the City Oil and Gas Trust Fund. The Oil and Gas Trust Fund was established to accumulate the principal generated from oil and gas royalties received from City-owned mineral rights. Charter Section 2-1(B) protects the principal and royalties of this fund from being spent without a vote of the people.

Parks Commission

The Parks Commission is charged with an advisory role on parks development, maintenance, improvements and identifying planning and implementing public and private beautification projects.

P.E.G. Commission

The P.E.G (Public, Education and Government) Commission charged with overseeing the operation of Manistee Public Access. It provides a variety of services including the broadcast of City Council meetings and work sessions.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission prepares and adopts physical plans for the City and reviews development proposals, both private and public as set forth in the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, MCL 125.3101 et seq. and the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, MCL 125.3801 et seq. and acts in an advisory capacity for matters referred by the City Council.

Tree Commission

The Tree Commission shall promote and protect the public health, safety and general welfare by providing for the regulation of the planting, maintenance and removal of trees in street rights of way within the City.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals  has the power to authorize, upon an appeal, specific variances from requirements such as lot area and width regulations, building height regulations, yard and depth regulations and off-street parking and loading space requirements. The ZBA hears and decides questions that arise in the administration of the zoning ordinance including the interpretation of text and the zoning map.