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City Hall


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The current City Hall was built in 1910 as a United States Post Office.  On December 15, 1964 City Council authorized $20,500 to purchase the building. In the spring of 1965 City Council authorized $36,000 to remodel City Hall.  With this money the roof was replaced, council chambers were constructed and modifications were made to the basement to house the police department.  Windows were replaced with vinyl on two occasions.  In the proceeding 40 years little maintenance or substantial remodeling was undertaken. 

It became clear that significant work was needed to maintain the structure.   In 2003 the building was completely renovated at a cost of almost $3 million.  During this renovation an elevator was added, barrier free access to the building was established; a dormer was added to the attic for the establishment of a new council chambers and the Police Department was completely remodeled.  The Council Chambers was retrofitted with state of the art technology.  City Hall was re-occupied in August of 2005.

City Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is located within the City of Manistee Commercial Historic District.