Is my water safe to drink?

YES! The City of Manistee does lead and copper sampling every year. We became aware of the results for this year’s samples recently. The water source, the water treatment and our water quality are safe. The City of Manistee is not in violation of the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act as it meets all safety standards as required by the State of Michigan. Homes that tested above the action level (15ppb) have been identified as likely to have copper plumbing with lead solder installed before July 1988. If you would like your service line inspected, please call 231-723-7132. Continue to read through the Manistee Lead Safe site, which provides information on how to minimize your risk to lead exposure.

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1. Is my water safe to drink?
2. Why did the City issue a Public Advisory about lead in our water now?
3. What does this mean for me?
4. Where can I get a filter?
5. How will I know if my water is safe to drink?
6. What is the city doing about this issue?
7. I’m not sure if I have a lead service line. What should I do?